These are the steps that we have put in place to keep our facilities clean and safe
Cleaning Crews and All Staff
- Our cleaning crews are cleaning and disinfecting dealerships every night

- Crews are working during the day to hit the high touch points of facilities
  with disinfecting sprays and wipes

- Sales Reps are wiping down touch points of all VIP appointment vehicles

- Service department is wiping down all touch points of a customer's vehicle
  as they are being checked in

- Wash bay is taking extra precautions with all inventory arriving into the dealership
  as well and taking extra steps to disinfect touch points on vehicles
Hand Shake & High Five Free Enviroment
-We want to be professional and welcoming but safe and responsible

-Instead of handshakes we will greet you with a:
       Fist Bump, Elbow, Foot Tap, Head Nod, or a Wave
Cleaning Areas During the Day
-Any Entry or Exit points - Handles and or Fixtures

- Light Switches, Door Knobs, Handrails, Coffee pots

- Restroom sinks, Handles, Towel Dispensers, Doors

- Waiting areas, Chairs, Remotes, Tables

- Sales Floor, Keys, Handrails, Touch Points

- Service Areas, Doors, Handles, Desk, Switches, Keys

- Parts, Counter, Keyboards

- Wash-bay, Keys, Handles