Spare Tires Are Not All Alike and the Differences Can Matter

At some point in every car owner's life, a flat tire will happen. When it does, what type of spare tire do you have? Is it a compact temporary or a full-size spare?

A compact temporary spare tire is lighter and has less tread than a full-size tire. It is small and fits easily inside a car's trunk. These compact tires are meant to be temporary as they are not the right size or type for long-term use, and for safety reasons they should be replaced immediately.

Full-size spare tires are not compact, but they still may not be the correct tire for your vehicle. A full-size spare can be used for longer than a compact tire, but unless it is the same type of tire as the other tires, it should be replaced eventually.

If you are in doubt as to what type of spare you have placed on your vehicle, drive to our Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Fayetteville and let us help you determine if you need a replacement.

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