Oil Changes: Fact Versus Fiction

Here at Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the facts they need to make an informed decision. It's common knowledge that engine oil needs to be changed, but there are several misconceptions about the process.

You may have heard that engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. The truth is, every make and model is different. Some vehicles can go as far as 7,500 miles before being serviced. Check your owner's manual for the exact mileage. Keep in mind that stop and go driving, driving in extreme temperatures and towing a heavy load can affect oil life.

Another widespread myth in the car care world is that oil filters shouldn't be changed as often as the motor oil. Unless you want grime from your dirty filter contaminating your newly changed oil, change your filter!

Stop by our Fayetteville, AR service center today, and our experienced service technicians will answer all of your car care questions.

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