Prepare Your Car, Truck or SUV for Winter with a Trusted Fayetteville Service Center

Winter Is Coming; Are You Ready?

Fayetteville, AR isn’t known for its heavy snowfall. But, preparing your car, truck or SUV can make all the difference this winter. It can not only help improve your traction and the life of your car but it can keep you, and those around you, safe. If you are interested in staying safe when you’re driving around Fayetteville this winter then be sure to follow our three service tips from our service center below!

Get an Oil Change!

Oil lubricates the key components of your car, truck or SUV. It helps prevent parts of your engine from rubbing against each other and wearing out. Oil that is old is broken down and is less effective. It can actually sludge up your engine and your vehicle will take longer to warm up.

That is why our service center recommends changing your oil before the winter. Cold temperatures further reduce your oil’s ability to lubricate your engine and could further engine wear. This reduces the life of your vehicle and means more money coming out of your pocket in the long run. Nobody wants that!

Change to Winter Tires

Summer or all-season tires are not designed for cold environments. Cold weather can actually reduce the life of these tires. While the thought of having to buy another set of tires and find a place to store them can seem like a choir, it is worth it.

Winter tires have better traction and prevent slippage. Your tires will also last longer if you switch them for the right seasons. Also, you don’t want to be one of those people struggling to make it up a steep hill on your commute to work so be sure to schedule your service to switch your tires before winter starts!

Check Your Wiper Fluid

Snow isn’t always white and fluffy. Some snow is dirty and can splash onto your windshield. That is why it is important to always make sure you have enough wiper fluid. You will need it to clean dirty snow off of your windshield so you can see this winter.

If you are nervous about the price of our services or parts then be sure to consult with our staff. They can point you in the direction of a few coupons that can help you save money in the car repair process. If you don’t see a special that you can take advantage of then check back in often because we may have something for you soon. If you do see a special that you can utilize then act fast because our Fayetteville service center won’t have them long!

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